Kishaloy Halder

PhD Candidate

Web Information retrieval / Natural language processing Group (WING)

AS6-05-21, Computing 1,
13 Computing Drive, National University of Singapore,
Singapore 117417
kishaloy [AT] [LinkedIn]|[google scholar]|[github]
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About Me

I am a PhD student under A/P. Min-Yen Kan. I am interested in Information Retrieval, Recommendation Systems, Social Media, Machine Learning, and Data Mining. I am currently working on building a recommendation system for online health communities. I am also interested in building large-scale online web-services. You can find my CV here.

Earlier, I graduated from IIT Bombay in Computer Science and Engineering. As part of my master's thesis, I worked in the area of Cloud Computing and Virtualization under the co-supervision of Prof Umesh Bellur, and A/P. Purushottam Kulkarni.


Current Collaborator

Lahari Poddar, Research Scholar, SoC, NUS

Kazunari Sugiyama, Senior Researcher, SoC, NUS

Academic Background

IIT Bombay, M.Tech 2012.

WBUT, B.Tech 2010.

Professional Services

PC Member, AAAI 2020

PC Member, AI2019

PC Member, SIGIR 2019

PC Member, AAAI 2019

PC Member, SIGIR 2018

Reviewer, NAACL 2018

PC Member, MEDA, JCDL 2018

Work Experience

Google Research ~ 2018, July - 2018, November

Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd ~ 2014

Symantec Corporation ~ 2012-2014

IBM India Software Lab ~ 2011

Project Mentoring: Past Students

Van Hoang Nguyen during his UROP on Credibility Analysis from Health Forums during Jan - July 2018.

Grace Lam during her internship on "Neural Models on Textual Item Recommendation" during Jan - Feb 2018.

Jintong Xu for her UROP titled "Understanding User Behavior across Multiple Social Networks" in 2015-16.

Other Projects

Contributor of ParsCit, An open-source CRF Reference String Parsing Package developed by WING.

Past Project Reports


Teaching Experience

Tutor for CS3245 Information Retrieval, semester II, 2017-18.

Tutor for CS3245 Information Retrieval, semester II, 2015-16.

Tutor for CS2103 Software Engineering, semester I, 2015-16.

Tutor for CS5224 Cloud Computing, semester II, 2014-15.